Scolded to School

Scolded to school at four, and High on the wall in the hall A path lined with lolly poplars Wound its wistful way into A darkling distance.   I picture it now, no fading, bright Still with hope. How I thank The Lord that still I can: that In that distance no longer dark Still I am.

A Tale of Two Prayer Books

  We’ve all heard stories of cats who somehow get trapped in a car and end up stranded miles from home, only to re-appear weeks later after having walked a few hundred miles… I didn’t realise that some books have similar tendencies! A while ago, my brother rang to say he’d saved two prayer books from being binned by the …


Ray Gosling: A Personal Tribute

  In autumn 2005 I went to Nottingham to work as a staff producer on the BBC’s local ‘Inside Out’ programme. My first assignment was to make a short film with someone called Ray Gosling, apparently an elderly ex-TV presenter living in sheltered housing. I’d never heard of him. The film was to be about public art, mainly statues, in …


Zen and the Art of Photography

Sometimes people see me taking photographs out and about, and ask, ‘why are you using that?’. I always answer by saying ‘it’s a Zen thing.’ And it is. Fortunately for me, Zen is something that is said to be undefinable and indescribable. Like religion, it’s something that can only be fully understood by doing, by engaging in the practise until …